Digital Natives, Our Kids

WONDERREEL® is built for digital kids and their families.

With our rich, global collection, social viewing, and child-friendly discovery, WONDERREEL® will provide the personalization, the choice, and the human connection today’s kids expect–plus variety to nurture big kids’ interests, growth, and development.  We’ll make it easy for kids 6-11 to discover their own special favorites, with

    • unique app-free access, bringing WONDERREEL® to any Web-enabled device
    • social viewing, so kids can watch together with family and friends near and far, enjoying real-time live video chat
  • creative tools supporting collaboration, community and media literacy

WONDERREEL® doesn’t just dump video clips onto the Internet.  We mobilize technology to transform TV into an experience worthy of digital natives.  It’s about time. But more than that, it’s about our families.

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