All over the world, producers and public-service broadcasters create brilliant, hilarious, thrilling, enlightening TV and films for big kids, ages 6 to 12. But you’d never know it in North America. They’re not shown on broadcast or cable. Even online, kids are rarely pointed toward entertainment that can grab their emotions, challenge their brains, feed current interests and spark new ones. Until now. Until WONDERREEL®.

WONDERREEL® is the first online video platform created expressly for big kids and their families.

It’s a TV network where each child gets a personal channel.  And it’s a virtual rec room where kids and their families–near and far–can watch together online, enjoying real-time live video chat.

WONDERREEL® isn’t everyday TV.  It’s entertainment everywhere–and entertainment kids won’t find anywhere else, including

  • shows from all over the world in English, Spanish, and the original language
  • award-winning films and series, including drama, animation, puppetry, documentaries, even news
  • available by subscription on any device with a Web browser–tablets, smartphones, computers and connected TVs

WONDERREEL® is a for-profit venture with a social/cultural mission: We’re dedicated to delivering socially responsible, culturally rich children’s entertainment. It’s about time. But more than that, it’s about our families.

Talk to us: tellmemore@wonderreel.com. Or just click “Contact Us” in the menu at the top of this page.