Entertainment Families Can Trust

WONDERREEL® is dedicated to responsive, socially responsible children’s entertainment.

We present diverse, mind-broadening, heart-opening films and series from around the world-entertainment that inspires, informs, delights, provokes thought and creative endeavor, and helps big kids grow into caring, creative global citizens. We source our programming from public-service broadcasters and independent producers, under the guidance of experts in child development, media psychology, and media literacy. We seek out the best of the best.

At the same time, we understand that every child and every family have different needs, interests, and values.  That’s why WONDERREEL® uses age, interest, gender, and viewing data to custom-select programs from our collection for every child, creating personal channels that respond to children’s prior experience and point them in engaging new directions.

It’s why we don’t assign age or content ratings to programs.  Instead, we make it easy and fun for parents to identify, preview and monitor viewing consistent with family values and tastes.  Family control features include:

  • master log-ins that let parents view each child’s channel in real time, after bedtime, or even a week in advance
  • parent advisories for every show, invisible to children, highlighting aspects that may be of interest or concern to different families
  • dead-simple tools to block a single program or a whole category, for any one child or for all, with or without your child’s knowledge

And it’s why WONDERREEL® is a walled playground, entirely separate from social media for grownups and teens, allowing kids free movement in a safe online community, including

  • internal e-mail and messaging
  • parent management of each child’s friends list
  • required approval or simple notification, at parents’ discretion, for all  WONDERREEL®  activities
  • integral social viewing, so families can watch together even when they’re far apart, enjoying live video chat

The world is full of amazing films and TV series that, until now, have rarely been available to kids outside the countries where they were made.  Still, everything isn’t for everybody, and we’re committed to viewing that lets families feel good about the stories and images on their screens–and helps them enjoy TV together whenever and wherever they like.  It’s about time.  But more than that, it’s about our families.

Talk to us: tellmemore@wonderreel.com. Or just click “Contact Us” in the menu at the top of this page.