Global Partnerships

WONDERREEL® is already working with broadcasters, producers and content owners across the globe to assemble an unprecedented collection of quality film and video for school-age kids. Our partners include:

  • British Film Institute
  • European Broadcasting Union/Eurovision
  • Australian Children’s Television Foundation
  • UNICEF Children’s Broadcasting Initiatives
  • ARTE, France Public Broadcasting
  • NHK, Japan Public Broadcasting
  • NPO, Netherlands Public Broadcasting
  • NRK, Norway Public Broadcasting
  • RTV, Slovenia Public Broadcasting
  • SVT, Sweden Public Broadcasting
  • TRT, Turkey Public Broadcasting
  • Televisio de Catalunya, Spain


We’ve been invited to present WONDERREEL at children’s media conferences and workshops in England, the Netherlands, Peru, Turkey, France, India, Greece and Qatar, as well as the World Summit on Media for Children in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  And we’ve built alliances with advocates of quality children’s media, including

  • The Prix Jeunesse Foundation, Germany
  • ComKids Festival/Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano, Brazil
  • Youth Media Alliance, Canada
  • Children’s Film Society, India
  • CIFEJ–The International Centre on Film for Children & Youth
  • The Financing Forum on Kids Content, Sweden
  • Australian Council on Children and the Media
  • Children’s Television Foundation of Bangladesh
  • Cinekid, The Netherlands

Many of these partners will contribute shows and films to WONDERREEL®’s collection. Others help us meet and work with the filmmakers who are creating great stuff for big kids on every continent. Together, they ensure that WONDERREEL® will be able to bring quality and global diversity to children’s screen time.

WONDERREEL®’s global community is already creating socially responsible, culturally rich children’s entertainment. It’s time to bring those shows to our kids–the global citizens of tomorrow.

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